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The World's Only Red Emerald Mine

To date, there is only one known location of gem-quality Red Emerald gemstones in the world: The Ruby Violet Mine, in the Wah Wah Mountains of South West Utah, USA.
Location Map
Reserve & Resource Estimates
Location Map
Reserve & Resource Estimates

In June of 1998, a fairly detailed exploration program was completed on the mine site and the surrounding area for a Feasibility Study. The data from the drilling program, surface bulk sampling, and underground bulk sampling programs were used to develop an ore reserve and resource estimate.

The reserve and resource estimates as of June 1998 from the Feasibility Study were:

  • Probable Reserve 158,890 tons average grade 27.02 grams of beryl per ton.
  • Mineable Resource 507,357 tons average grade 22.80 grams of beryl per ton.
  • Inferred Resource 1,763,698 mineralized tons.
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