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Red Emerald Care & Cleaning

The Red Emerald gem is heat stable, relatively anhydrous and therefore slightly harder than green Emerald. In most respects however both gems need similar care and there are a few simple guidelines to follow.

The rich saturated colour of the Red Emerald gemstones is entirely natural and is found in the crystals as they are taken from the Earth. The gem is not treated by heat, irradiation or any dye or coloring at any stage. The brilliance of the crystal is enhanced by cutting and polishing, the luster and clarity is often enhanced with oil. Most green Emeralds and Red Emerald gems have traditionally been oiled with a colorless oil which enhances the clarity to some extent. The oil introduced is not permanent so this enhancement is reversible. If over the years, your gem looses some luster, the gem can be re-oiled very easily.

Green Emerald and Red Emerald gems are less hard than diamond and therefore need protection from sharp impact or abrasion which might cause scratching, chipping or breakage. No Emerald gems should ever be cleaned by ultra-sonic cleaning devices and should never be cleaned by detergents or steam cleaning. Gentle warm soapy water without vigorous scrubbing is the recommended cleaning process. A gifted designer can create a setting which is both beautiful and protective to enable the gemstone to be worn with confidence.
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